Welcome to G K Moulding Ltd based in Dorchester, Dorset.

We specialise in the Glass Reinforced Plastics (GRP) and composite moulding industry.

We pride ourselves on our specific ‘niche’ having the ability to work closely with all our clients delivering their requirements, ideas or specific projects within deadline and cost. Almost 95% of our work is repeat business for a wide range of fibreglass products as laboratory, education, defence, environmental, marine and architectural for the building trade.

All the excellent products we build require a highly skilled process and stringent quality control measures. We have experience in unidirectional and multi-axial fabrics working to accurate and demanding tolerances. Some of our larger customers require ‘certification’ which is obviously available. However the bespoke, smaller projects also receive our undivided attention and necessary service of excellence.

With 35 years experience in the profession we have developed tried and tested methods in hand laid fibreglass, resin injection, spilt moulds, silicone detailed tooling and resin transfer moulding (RTM) using new and revolutionary products.

We can pattern make from your own design, followed by a tooling for production, of single or multiple products for manufacturing. We are also very happy to bring the design concept from the drawing board into reality and able to offer several solutions to build your specific project or item working closely with the originator.

We have enough GRP experience and capacity at our premises to deliver your requirements, but we are still small enough to be client focused to make unique items at realistic prices.

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